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Campaign to save curling centres from TV rate hikes

Curling Canada has launched a wide-ranging campaign to lobby Canadian media companies to re-think a new fee structure they are introducing.

The new fee structure has the potential to make financial stability more difficult for curling centres that show televised sports.

Rogers and Bell recently increased fees paid for cable packages that include TSN and Sportsnet by licensed establishments with capacity over 100 people. These fees will be passed on to Shaw and Telus customers who have cable packages that include TSN and Sportsnet too.

Establishments licensed for seating for 100-200 people are facing an increase of approximately $300 per month to continue to show TSN and Sportsnet, in addition to their regular cable or satellite fees. This will ensure that an average location of this size would be face a fee of about $270 per month or $3,240 annually. ​

​Curling Canada has confirmed that community based curling clubs are going to be subject to the same fees applied to for profit bars and restaurants – fees which on annual basis could range anywhere from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. While those numbers may not seem significant to corporate executives at Rogers and Bell, they will have a pronounced impact on our clubs across the country.

Utilities as a whole make up 30% of all expenses for curling rinks. This represents a major drain on curling club financial resources. The new fees Rogers and Bell are charging will literally make it difficult to keep the lights on for some facilities.
Curling clubs are unique. Putting them in the same category of sports bars and restaurants doesn’t make sense. Subjecting them to sports package fees aimed at for-profit sports bars is unreasonable.

Anyone who is concerned about this issue is being asked to send emails and post to Twitter and Facebook about this campaign so that the cable companies and the government hear your concerns. More information is available at a website set up by Curling Canada.


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