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Curl BC BC Skill Awards

The BC Skill Awards Program is a five (5) level series of tests of increasing skill level difficulty, referred to as Red (Novice), Blue (Junior), Bronze (Intermediate), Silver (Intermediate) and Gold (Advanced). Crests will be awarded for successful completion of each level.

The program is open to all junior-aged curlers (under 20 yrs of age) who belong to a youth program administered by a curling club which is affiliated with Curl BC. The co-ordinators of these youth programs may use the Skill Awards Program as part of their junior development program.

After each test, Examiners should complete the student’s forms. Then, the Skill Awards Report Form should be filled in. (Note that only forms properly filled in, with a qualified tester listed, will be processed.) Once the club is ready to order crests, the Skills Awards Report Form should be sent to the Curl BC office at:

2001A – 3713 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7
Phone: 604-333-3616 OR Toll Free: 1-800-667-CURL (2875)
Fax: 604-333-3615

For more information, to submit a Skills Awards Report Form, or to request a Curl BC Skill Awards Manual, please contact Penny Bartel at

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