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Battle of the Kell(e)ys in tonight’s semi

The Kelley Law team has had an up and down week, but when it’s a matter of life and death the former world champion and Olympic bronze medalist is making things work.

Law had to survive two tie-breakers yesterday to earn a spot in this morning’s quarter final against Roselyn Craig. The Craig foursome came out strong looking to be in control of the game, but Law jumped back in scoring 3 in the 4th end. Craig had last rock advantage heading into the final end trailing by one, and was faced with a long run-back take-out for the win. The sweepers were called on it early, but it wasn’t enough to hold the line. Law was left counting the steal and a 7-5 victory.

Law will now face Kelly Scott in tonight’s semi-final, which will be televised on Shaw TV at 6pm. 

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