Our House is Your House

Mantra, Mission, Vision & Core Values


Our House is Your House.


Active, fun and social, the Curl BC community promotes, develops and supports curling throughout British Columbia.


Curling is an integral part of the lifestyle, culture and heritage of British Columbia.

Curl BC Core Values

Family: We are a community of individuals that acts like a family that is connected and passionate about the sport of curling.

Excellence: We are committed to meeting or exceeding the highest standards at all times.

Commitment: We align both personal and corporate goals to enable a commitment to succeed so that the organization will be successful for all.

Integrity: We act in a fair, consistent and forthright manner which enables honorable delivery of our programs and services.

Respect: We show respect by collaborating, communicating and cooperating with all of our members, partners and stakeholders.

Transparency: We act in an open manner.

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