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Region 11 Men’s Bonspiel Tour

Curl BC Region 11 (Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley) is introducing a men’s bonspiel tour for the 08/09 season, complete with a tour championship at the North Shore Winter Club, Mar. 28-30, 2009. The top 16 teams in the tour point standings will be invited to compete in the tour championship at no charge. The tour is designed to provide a place for curlers who don’t compete in provincial playdowns or haven’t qualified in playdown events they have entered, but will not affect anyone’s ability to enter the bonspiels involved.

If this tour concept is successful Curl BC hopes to apply it in other regions and bonspiel categories. For more information contact Richard Brower at or at the Tunnel Town Curling Club at 604-943-9219.

Tour Team Registration Form – Click on the link to bring up the PDF form, fill in the form then click on the submit button and your team’s information will be emailed to the tour administrator. There is no extra charge to register your team for the tour or to take part in club bonspiels as a tour member.

Team Eligibility

  • A team can designate four or five players as their team. In order to obtain team points at a tour bonspiel, at least three of the designated team players must compete throughout the bonspiel.
  • Each team is allowed only one player who, in the current or previous season, has advanced one level in a Curl BC competitive playdown event (mixed, men’s, or seniors) or participated in a Grand Slam event. Masters and juniors competitions are not a component of these eligibility criteria.
  • Teams may register for the tour at any time but can only claim tour points they have earned in the seven days prior to registering their team.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age to take part.
  • Each team member must be a member in good standing of a club affiliated with Curl BC in order to obtain tour points.
  • A curler can only register for one team for the purposes of the tour.
  • Any team may compete in a tour bonspiel without being a registered team on the tour.

Online Registration

  • Online registration for tour bonspiels will be available through the Curl BC website, linking up with the same registration system used by Curl BC for playdowns.
  • Curlers can register a team for one or more events at a time, paying a $50 non-refundable deposit for each bonspiel entered. This deposit goes towards your bonspiel entry fee and is not a tour fee.
  • A 10 percent discounts will be available for anyone registering for three or more bonspiels at once.  

Tour Points

  • Tour points are awarded for reaching the semi-finals of the A, B and C events with the following event points:
  • A event winner – 10 x no. teams in the bonspiel
  • A runner up, B and C winners – 9 x no. teams in the bonspiel
  • A semi-finalists, B and C runners up – 8 x no. teams in the bonspiel
  • B and C semi-finalists – 7 x no. teams in the bonspiel
  • After each tour event the club hosting the bonspiel will send in results to the person running the tour page on the Curl BC website so that the tour point standings can be updated.
  • Teams can register for the tour points standings through the tour page on the Curl BC website or the host club can ask if they would like to register after they qualify for points at the host club’s bonspiel. The host club could then also pass the team info on to the website administrator.
  • Any points from an event earned by non-tour teams will not be transferred to tour teams. 

Tour Championship

  • If one or more teams decline an invitation to compete in the tour championship, then invitations will be issued to the next teams down the list in the point standings.
  • The top 16 teams in the point standings after the final tour stop will be invited to compete in the tour championship scheduled for the end of March. The teams will compete at no charge to them.
  • The teams will be slotted into two separate eight-team double knockout events to begin the event, based on their year-end point totals. For example, teams finishing at odd-numbered places would be in one double knockout and teams finishing at even-numbered places would be in the other. Within each event teams would be seeded according to their tour point standings, for example team no. 1 would play team 15 in their first game.
  • Each double knockout will qualify one team out of the A event and one team out of the B event. The two A winners will square off against the other pool’s B event winners in the playoff semi-finals. The winners will then advance to the championship final and the losers will play for third place. 
  • One draw Friday night, three draws Saturday and three draws on Sunday. Luncheon banquet on Saturday following the morning draw when four teams will be eliminated.
  • Prizes will be championship medals or plaques, or something similar, for the top three finishing teams.

Bolded events indicate confirmation on the dates. Italics indicate the club has expressed intention to be part of the tour. Not all events listed here are confirmed as tour stops yet and this schedule will be updated on a regular basis.

Sept. 26-28: North Shore Winter Club
Oct. 16-19 – Richmond
Oct. 25/26 – Port Moody
Oct. 30 – Nov.2: Peace Arch
Nov. 7-9: Golden Ears
Nov. 12-16: Royal City
Nov. 13-16: Langley
Nov. 21-23 Howe Sound
Nov. 27-30: Marpole
Dec. 3-7: Delta Thistle
Jan. 9-11: Golden Ears (second event)
Jan. 16-18: Hope
Jan. 23-25: Abbotsford
Jan. 29 – Feb. 1: Tunnel Town
Feb. 5-8: Chilliwack
Feb.11-15: Valley and Mission
Feb. 28/Mar. 1 – Gibsons
Mar. 28-30: Tour Championship (North Shore Winter Club)

Potential Tour Stops and Weekend Dates

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