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Canadian Direct Insurance

Their history with curling:
PrintCanadian Direct Insurance has been the title sponsor of the Canadian Direct Insurance BC Men’s Curling Championship since the 2007/2008 season. They run promotions for Curl BC members and are strong supporters of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation as well as the Curling For Life Endowment Fund.

What they do:
Canadian Direct Insurance was established back in 1996, and is now the fastest growing insurance company in Western Canada. They offer better home and auto insurance with no broker commissions.

How Curl BC members can directly benefit from them:
Aside from their annual sponsorship, Canadian Direct Insurance offers Curl BC members discounted rates on home and tenant insurance.

Visit their website to find out more about their services:

I have to say, I had been dreading the change because I thought it would be a long and drawn out process. All in all, it only took 30 minutes or so and that was with my many questions. I ended up saving $250. – Terry Vandale, Elkford

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