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Curl BC Annual Awards

Curl BC Annual Awards are intended to recognize and honour individuals, teams and businesses for their outstanding contribution to the sport of curling in British Columbia.

Anyone may submit a nomination although some awards require the endorsement of an appropriate Curl BC Regional Representative, or a Curl BC Governor. We encourage all curlers to submit nominations for Annual Awards.

Nominations for consideration may be submitted either by following the appropriate link to an online form, or by completing the nomination form and submitting it by fax or surface mail.

This year we have simplified the nomination process but it would be helpful if you could provide us with the below information:

  • Nominee’s name: Individual name or name of all team members (if a team is being nominated)
  • Contact Information: Mailing address, email address and phone number for the nominee / primary contact for the team – this will help us contact them if they win.
  • Previous Curling Season Awards require their achievements in the previous curling season (2014-15) as the award is based solely on that year’s achievements.

Deadline for Nominations for Annual Curl BC Awards is April 30th. Nominations will not be accepted after April 30th.

Criteria for Curl BC’s Annual Awards:

The following descriptions provide the primary criteria for each of the Curl BC Annual Awards.

Awards can be divided into the following categories:

1) Previous Curling Season Annual Awards

2) Annual Service Awards

3) Long Service Awards

4) Exceptional Service Awards

5) CCA Awards
The nominees for the CCA Awards are decided by the Curl BC Awards Committee. If you have a name that you would like to put forward for consideration, please email Will Sutton.

  • Award of Achievement
  • Ray Kingsmith Executive of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • President’s Recognition Certificate
  • Canadian Curling Hall of Fame
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