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Personal accident insurance option for Curl BC members

Curl BC is happy to announce we have negotiated a deal that will see member facilities given access to personal accident insurance for curlers.

Broadly speaking, the policy is intended to provide coverage to individuals for injury that occurs as a result of participation in the sport of curling only.

Some key features of the policy include up to $10,000 for Accident Re-imbursement Expenses, $5,000 for Dental Costs and $1,000 for Fracture Indemnity.

Curling centres must inform Curl BC by September 15, 2013, whether or not they wish to take part in this additional member benefit package at a cost of $1 per registered member.

Since Curl BC membership fees are currently $14/member curler, if your centre chooses to participate in the Personal Accident Insurance Policy, your member fees will increase to $15/member based on last year’s membership (or your three-year average membership, whichever is lower).

Individuals must be listed on your membership list which is submitted annually to Curl BC. Anyone who is not on the list will not be covered by the policy.

If each club pursued this type of insurance individually, it is estimated it would cost BC curling centres over $50,000 (over twice as much).

It is important to note that this is not a legal liability policy, which is intended to protect your business from liability arising from negligence that may cause injury to others.

This policy is intended to be for the benefit of the individual club member who has suffered an injury as a result of participating in the sport of curling. It does not require there to be any negligence in order to trigger coverage.

For information on liability coverage, visit:


Curling centres in BC can get property and liability insurance through the Dominion Curling Centre Insurance Program, a separate policy. Visit http://bcccap.curlbc.ca/insurance/ to learn more about that.

Curl BC Participation Manager Penny Bartel will be sending a letter to all Curl BC members to inform them of the new policy. The letter will include a Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet. The FAQs are also available on the Curl BC website at http://www.curlbc.ca/membership/affiliation-and-membership-reporting/accident-insurance/.

Enclosed with the letter that Penny is sending will be a yellow form to return to Curl BC which identifies whether or not your curling centre wishes to participate in the Personal Accident Insurance Policy for 2013-14.

We must receive this (by either surface mail or fax) by September 15 if your curling centre chooses not to participate in the policy. If we do not receive it, we will enroll your curling centre in the policy.

If you have any additional questions about the program or the policy, please contact Penny at 604-333-3620 or pbartel@curlbc.ca.

Individual curlers cannot participate in the program if their curling centre chooses to opt out.

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