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Jet Ice Technicians’ Program


2014  Courses

Course Date Location Cost Register by
Level 1 May 10-11 NSWC $300 + GST May 5
Level 1 July 5-6  Kelowna $300 +  GST  Cancelled 
Level 1 or 2 Sept 4-7 Delta  $300 or $400 + GST  course delivered 
Level 1  Sept 13-14  Fort Nelson  $300  + GST  course delivered
Level 1 or 2 Oct 2-5 Nelson  $300 or $400 + GST  course delivered
Level 1 or 2
Oct 7-10 Armstrong  $300 or $400 + GST  course delivered  
Nov 1-2 Port Alberni  $150 + GST  cancelled  


Curl BC Head Ice Technician: BJ Gagnon


Jet Ice is the title sponsor of the “Jet Ice Technician Program.” This program is headed by BJ Gagnon, Curl BC Provincial Ice Technician, and offers courses from Championship Ice Making to Levels 1, 2 & 3.

Starting in 2010, clubs hosting Jet Ice Technician courses will receive their choice of a $250 credit toward Jet Ice paint, logos and/or paint equipment, or have the annual rental fee for Jet Ice’s water treatment system waived up to a maximum of $875 (single set up) for one year.

For more details or if your club is interested in hosting a Jet Ice course please contact the Curl BC Office


A Level 1 course lasts two days and contains information on all aspects of curling ice maintenance, such as using a scraper and burner, plus sweeping and pebbling techniques.

A Level 2 course is a four day program, and includes a refrigeration segment, classroom instruction and ice installation. The prerequisities for Level 2 are Level 1 certification and two years experience as a curling club ice-maker.

Championship Ice Making (CIM) is a course designed by Curl BC to provide instruction to club ice technicians who want to take their ice-making skills to the next level. The course not only deals with making, maintaining, and troubleshooting ice but also new ideas and procedures in ice maintenance including, scrape patterns, pebbling techniques, temperature regulation, humidity, and power points. You do not need to be a Level 1 or Level 2 certified ice technician to participate in the Championship Ice Making courses. Members of curling club Boards of Directors, managers etc are all welcome to attend.

Ice makers wanting to move into level 3 should contact the Curl BC office.

Other Resources:

Ice Facility Operator Course
The Recreation Facilities Association of B.C. has developed an ice facility operator course that has been approved by the B.C. Saftety Authority. For more information on this course visit the RFABC website.

Canadian Curling Association
The Canadian Curling Association has produced a video describing the ice installation and can be viewed online through this link.
CCA blog on Making Great Ice.

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