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2018-19 Schedule of Events

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Visit our Playdown Registration Information document for details on registration.

The 8 provincial berths will be awarded as follows:

  • Defending Champion
  • 1 CTRS berth
  • 2 BC tour berths
  • 2 Open Events (2 berths minimum each)

    * If no team meets the criteria for one or more of the above berth(s), the extra berth(s) will be allocated to the first open event.

    CTRS/BC Tour Berth conditions:

      In order to receive the Women’s CTRS and BC Tour Berths the following criteria must be met:
      – The top CTRS team and the top 2 BC Tour teams as determined by points accrued from Nov. 30, 2017 – Dec. 1, 2018(including events in progress during that date). The high point teams must have competed in a minimum of four WCT events OR be in the top 50.

      NOTE – the BC Tour point system is in the process of being finalized.

      The Defending Champion, CTRS Points winner and BC Tour winners are still required to pay the entry fee and competitors’ fees.

      For an explanation of the 2018/19 CTRS points model, visit Curling Canada’s website.

      Prize Package

      A prize package is available in this category.

      Event Date Location Deadline Entries *
      Open Event #1 Dec 14-16,2018 Tunnel Town Dec 2

      Open Event #2 Jan 4-6,2019 Kamloops

      Dec 19
      Provincial Championship Jan 22-27,2019 TBD n/a n/a
      Canadians Feb 16-24,2019 Sydney, NS n/a n/a
      Worlds Mar 16-24,2019 Silkeborg, Denmark n/a n/a


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