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2017-18 Schedule of Events

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Visit our Playdown Registration Information document for details on registration.

Berth allocation
There was an error in the 2017-18 Curl BC Yearbook stating that there was only one CTRS points berth for the women in 2017-18. In fact, there are two. The correct information is posted here:

The 8 Provincial berths will be awarded as follows:

  • Defending Champion
  • 2 CTRS Points Winners
  • Open event #1 will qualify three teams
  • Open event #2 will qualify two teams (plus extra berth(s) if no eligible defending champion or CTRS team)

    CTRS Standings

    The top BC CTRS teams are determined by points accrued from November 30th of the previous season to December 1st of the current season (or the Tuesday prior to the first open qualifying event, whichever is earlier). Provided that the high point teams have competed in a minimum of four CTRS events or in the top 35. CEO note: With regard to CTRS berths, since policy was recently changed from teams having to be ranked in the top 50 to the top 35 in the CTRS standing and some teams were unaware of this change, consideration will be given to allocating a berth to a team ranked 36th to 50th if the two CTRS berths are not both allocated.

    In the case where there are not four CTRS events in BC, teams would only be required to compete in a minimum of three events.

    Points earned in the previous year are only valid if three or more team members return. Note – points from regional, provincial and national events do not go toward the BC Provincial CTRS points berth.

    The Defending Champion and CTRS Points Winners are still required to pay the entry fee and competitors’ fees.

    For an explanation of the 2017/18 CTRS points model, visit Curling Canada’s website.

    Prize Package

    A prize package is available in this category.

    Event Date Location Deadline Entries *
    Open Event #1 Dec 8-10/17 Hope Nov. 19 12
    Open Event #2 Dec 15-17/17 Kelowna Dec. 10 9
    Provincial Championship Jan 2-7/18 Victoria n/a n/a
    Canadians Jan 27-Feb 4/18 Penticton, BC n/a n/a
    Worlds Mar 17-25/18 North Bay, ON n/a n/a


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