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Region 11 Men’s Bonspiel Tour

2015 – 2016 Schedule

  • Oct. 17-18: Cloverdale
  • Oct. 30 – Nov. 1: Golden Ears
  • Nov. 5-9: Royal City
  • Nov. 13-15: Seattle
  • Nov. 13-15: Langley
  • Nov. 26-29: Marpole
  • Dec. 3-6: Delta Thistle
  • Jan. 15-17: Gibsons
  • Jan. 21-24: Tunnel Town
  • Jan. 29-31: Abbotsford
  • Feb. 12-14:  Cloverdale
  • Feb. 25-28: Peace Arch
  • Tour Championship – March 18-20: Cloverdale
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The rules and guidelines for the upcoming season are posted below.

You can register a team by filling out the Tour Team Registration FormThere is no extra charge to register your team for the tour or to take part in club bonspiels as a tour member.

For more information on the Region 11 Men’s Bonspiel Tour, contact tour administrator, Richard Brower at or 778-317-1071.

2014-15 Tour Rules and Guidelines

• A team can designate four or five players as their team. In order to obtain team points at a tour bonspiel, at least three of the designated team players must compete throughout the bonspiel.

• Each team is allowed only one player who, in the current or previous season, has played in a provincial championship or U.S. national championship (mixed, men’s, or senior men’s) or participated in a Grand Slam event. Masters and juniors competitions are not a component of these eligibility criteria.

• Teams must register by the Friday following the last tour event to be eligible for the tour championship.

• There is no minimum or maximum age to take part.

Each curler on a team must be a member of a club affiliated with the Canadian Curling Association or the U.S. Curling Association.

• A curler can only register for one team for the purposes of the tour.

• Any team may compete in a tour bonspiel without being a registered team on the tour.

Tour Points

• Tour points are awarded for reaching the semi-finals of the A, B and C events with the following event points:

A event winner – 10 points x the no. of teams in the bonspiel

A runner-up, B winner and C winner – 9 points x the no. of teams in the bonspiel

A semi-finalists, B runner-up, C runner-up – 8 points x the no. of teams in the bonspiel

B and C semi-finalists – 7 points x the no. of teams in the bonspiel

• If a bonspiel is run with teams playing round robins in blocks then tour points will be awarded to teams advancing from round robin play into playoffs, up to a maximum of 12 teams. The tour points awarded to those qualifying teams will be divided into the four point categories (7 – 10) as appropriate. The winning team will be in the 10-point category and the second place team will be in the nine-point category.

• Tour teams can also claim 50 participation points if they play in a tour event but fail to earn points through qualification. For a second such result they may claim 60 points. Participation points will increase by 10 points for each subsequent bonspiel in which teams fail to qualify, up to a maximum of 100 participation points per bonspiel. The onus is on the tour team to notify tour administrator Richard Brower in order to claim participation points.

• Teams can register for the tour points standings through the tour page on the Curl BC website or the host club can ask if they would like to register after they qualify for points at the host club’s bonspiel. The host club could then also pass the team info on to the website administrator.

• Any points from an event earned by non-tour teams will not be transferred to tour-registered teams.

Tour Championship

  • The top 16 teams in the point standings after the final tour stop will be invited to compete in the tour championship. The teams will compete for free or a nominal fee, perhaps to cover a luncheon, depending on the funds raised through tour events.
  •  If one or more teams decline an invitation to compete in the tour championship, then invitations will be issued to the next teams down the list in the point standings.
  •  The teams will be slotted into two separate eight-team double knockout events to begin the event, based on their year-end point totals. For example, teams finishing at odd-numbered places would be in one double knockout and teams finishing at even-numbered places would be in the other. Within each event teams would be seeded according to their tour point standings, for example team no. 1 would play team 15 in their first game.
  • Both double knockouts will qualify one team out of the A event and one team out of the B event. The two A winners will square off against the other pool’s B event winners in the playoff semi-finals. The winners will then advance to the championship final and the losers will play for third place. An alternative would be to have a Page playoff system with the two B qualifiers playing the 3-4 game and the two A qualifiers playing the 1-2 game.
  • The tour championship will begin Friday evening and continue on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a luncheon banquet on Saturday following the morning draw when some teams will have been eliminated.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top two finishing teams and the team that finishes the tour on top of the tour point standings.


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Tour Championship Report

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