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Women’s Bonspiel Calendar

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Bonspiel Name Curling Centre Start Date End Date
King Cash WTC Golden Ears Winter Club 15-Sep-17 18-Sep-17
Ice Mice Peace Arch Curling Centre 13-Oct-17 15-Oct-17
Witch’s Broom Langley Curling Centre 20-Oct-17 22-Oct-17
Women’s Swingin’ 60’s Qualicum & Dist. Curling Club 20-Oct-17 22-Oct-17
Ladies’ Silverstar Vernon Curling Club 27-Oct-17 29-Oct-17
Esq. Ladies’ Bonsspiel Esquimalt Curling Club 3-Nov-17 5-Nov-17
Merritt Ladies’ Bonspiel Merritt Curling Club 3-Nov-17 5-Nov-17
All Americans Women’s Spiel Seattle Granite Curling Club 4-Nov-17 4-Nov-17
Ladies’ Open Campbell River Curling Club 10-Nov-17 12-Nov-17
Men’s and Ladies’ Combined Spiel Nelson Curling Club 10-Nov-17 12-Nov-17
Tim Hortons Ladies Open Alberni Valley Curling Club 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Ladies Golden Ears Winter Club 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Howe Sound Curling Club Howe Sound Curling Club 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Combined Grand Forks Curling Club 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Ladies’ Classic Kamloops Curling Centre 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Ladies Prince Rupert 17-Nov-17 19-Nov-17
Ladies’ Bonspiel Armstrong Curling Club 24-Nov-17 26-Nov-17
Ladies’ Open Comox Valley Curling Club 24-Nov-17 26-Nov-17
Ladies’ Hollyspiel Juan de Fuca Curling Centre Association 1-Dec-17 3-Dec-17
Ladies’ Spiel Penticton Curling Club 1-Dec-17 3-Dec-17
Parallel Bonspiel – Men’s & Ladies’ Powell River Curling Club 1-Dec-17 3-Dec-17
Women’s Spiel Seattle Granite Curling Club 6-Jan-18 7-Jan-18
Beaver Valley Ladies’ Open Beaver Valley Curling Club 12-Jan-18 14-Jan-18
Ladies’ Snowman Bonspiel Eastlink Curling Centre – Oliver 12-Jan-18 12-Jan-18
Ladies’ Open Enderby Curling Club 12-Jan-18 14-Jan-18
Snowflakes/Aluminum City Hirsch Creek Curling Club 12-Jan-18 14-Jan-18
Chilli Spiel Chilliwack Curling Club 19-Jan-18 21-Jan-18
Marpole Ladies Marpole Curling Club 19-Jan-18 21-Jan-18
Women’s Open Parksville Curling Club 19-Jan-18 21-Jan-18
Ladies’ Winfield Curling Club 19-Jan-18 21-Jan-18
Ladies’ Dogwood (Daytime) Royal City Curling Club 22-Jan-18 24-Jan-18
Ladies’ Bonspiel Salmon Arm Curling Centre 25-Jan-18 28-Jan-18
Ladies’ Open Bonspiel Fort Rupert Curling Club 26-Jan-18 28-Jan-18
Ladies’ Spiel Glen Harper Curling Centre at the Duncan Curling Club 26-Jan-18 28-Jan-18
Ladies’ Wheel ‘N’ Spiel Quesnel Curling Centre 26-Jan-18 28-Jan-18
Women’s Open Bonspiel Abbotsford Curling Club 2-Feb-18 4-Feb-18
Women Nanaimo Curling Centre 2-Feb-18 4-Feb-18
Men’s /Ladies Ashcroft Curling Club 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Ladies Valentine Bonspiel Creston Curling Centre 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Mission Men’s and Women’s Mission Granite Curling Club 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Ladies Osoyoos International Curling Club 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Ladies’ Day Spiel Penticton Curling Club 9-Feb-18 9-Feb-18
Valentine’s Terrace Curling Club 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Ladies’ Open Qualicum & Dist. Curling Club 9-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Oliver Combined Bonspiel Eastlink Curling Centre – Oliver 16-Feb-18 18-Feb-18
Ladies’ Wine & Roses Bonspiel McArthur Island Curling Club – Kamloops 16-Feb-18 18-Feb-18
Steelhead/Edleweiss Smithers Curling Club 16-Feb-18 18-Feb-18
Tunnel Town Women’s Cashspiel Tunnel Town Curling Club 16-Feb-18 18-Feb-18
Williams Lake Women’s and Men’s Williams Lake Curling Centre 16-Feb-18 18-Feb-18
Ladies’ Shades of Green Cranbrook Curling Centre 23-Feb-18 25-Feb-18
Ladies’ Princeton Curling Club 23-Feb-18 25-Feb-18
Ladies’ Bonspiel Wells Gray Curling Club 23-Feb-18 25-Feb-18
Roaming Ladies’ Howe Sound Curling Club 2-Mar-18 4-Mar-18
Ladies’ Bonspiel 100 Mile Curling Club 2-Mar-18 4-Mar-18
Castlegar Ladies’ Bar Bee Bonspiel Castlegar Curling Center 2-Mar-18 4-Mar-18
Daffodil Bonspiel Victoria Curling Club 2-Mar-18 4-Mar-18
Combined Bonspiel Fraser Lake Curling Club 16-Mar-18 18-Mar-18
Ladies Prince George Golf & Curling Club 6-Apr-18 8-Apr-18
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